5th September

For my first session I learn some stage vocab and we moved around the stage to get used to stage directions. Lynn made us move around the stage to test us on what we knew. I had remembered all of the directions and didn’t make a mistake.

Image result for stage directions

We also explored different theaters.

Theater in the round.

Image result for theatre in the round

When you stand in the center of the theater only 50% of the audience can see you, so in order for the entire audience to see you have to be moving around a lot so the audience can have a full view most of the time otherwise the audience will not experience he full effect of the play.

A thrust stage.

Image result for Thrust Stage

The entire audience can see you at all times, how ever if you are at the very front of the stage then you have to look at each side of the audience in turn otherwise the audience will only see the back of you for the piece at the front of the stage.

Proscenium stage (end on theater)

Image result for Proscenium Stage

The entire audience can see you at all times, these theatres are the most seen because they are easy to work on  because they are easy to plan movement.

Traverse theater (corridor theater)

Image result for traverse Stage

Depending on which way you face the audience one side will have a complete view of your face while the other side of the audience will have the back of you so again you will have to move around a lot so the entire audience can see you.

Promenade theater

is a theater that moves around with the story, for example an actor may be leading the audience round a castle preforming a story with different actors in different places. For example with Alice in wonderland you can lead the audience around different areas of a park and preform the play

Immersive theater

Immersive theater is when the audience is a part of the play. one person will pay to walk from room to room and act with actors different scenarios, for example one person will walk into the room and there will be a table with actors and a book and one actor will invite the person viewing to sit a read the book. Or maybe the scene is a busy mother in the kitchen and is asking for your help it can be anything.

Our next session was directed study. I spent this session going over my script for the audition. I played with posture to see how Sarah would stand. I found this difficult because I am used to playing tom boyish characters and nothing like Sarah so it was a challenge for me however I had no difficulty with voice. My next session was the audition, I thought I spoke too fast but this was due to nerves so I need to improve on this by speaking the word till the very end and think about the word before I say it. During the audition I was nervous so my voice also went flat at times.


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