6th September

Our first session was singing. I managed to play with my voice and explore different pitches. We also did some voice warm ups, I noticed how when I went higher my voice would suddenly miss a note and go from low to high, I could improve this by practicing singing at home and to do voice exercises that involves different pitches. I need to improve on this because I need to reach all the notes.

Our second session was working with voice and noticing body language. We were all paired up and my task was to look at my partner and notice her body language. Her task was to notice how I spoke. I noticed she sat with her back straight and kept her hands clasped in her lap, she kept good eye contact at all times and sometimes leaned forward to she she was interested or to re-adjust herself on the chair. When she gave me back my feedback on my voice she said how it was soft and almost sing songy when the conversation got easier. I found this surprising because I have always thought of my voice as harsh and tom boyish. During this session we also played with accents, we were asked to chose a phrase and me and my partner chose “she speaks poniards” from Shakespeares’ “much ado about nothing”. We played with the phrase for a while and we discussed it, I thought it would be good to try it in an Essex accent because the phrase uses old language so it would be interesting to hear it in a harsh accent. After playing with the phrase I chose Essex because it is the opposite to my voice. When I did the accent I noticed how it came through my nose more than my mouth. My partner chose a welsh accent because her voice often stays in one pitch and a welsh accent goes up and down constantly.

To conclude I put in all my effort and the day went well.


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