7th of September

During our first session we worked on acting techniques. Gary showed us a scene, he gave us no context before he sat down so we were left to guess what he is doing. He began to shift around on the chair, occasionally he would look up and once he looked down and began to twist the ring on his finger. after the scene had finished he asked us where he thought he was, I thought he was listening to a public speech, which is why he looked a bit bored and kept fidgeting and looking up, I also thought that the speech was very personal which is why he looked down at the ring on his finger. many people said that it was a waiting room because instead of looking at  a public speaker he was looking at a clock and he kept looking behind him to see who was coming in or out. He revealed it to be a waiting room and he was waiting for news on a loved one (which is why he looked at his ring) and when he looked up he was glancing at the clock (which is a sign of being impatient of nervous).

Our next session we worked on team building and improvability. One task was to count to twenty one and no one could say the same number at the same time. I found this difficult because I was unsure whether I should shout out a number, I soon allocated myself to the number three. Our group soon realised if we stick to a pattern of people we can complete the task successfully. At first I was confused about how the challenge would help us but I soon discovered that the task helped us notice how to get around problems and work as a team instead of against each other. Another task was called freeze, Two people would be in the middle and start improvising a scene when someone from the audience yells freeze the two will stop and the person who yelled freeze would take up one persons space and start acting out a different scene until another person yells freeze. the person who was in the scene before must act along with it so the task can progress forward.


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