8th September

For my first session we did singing warm ups. we sung “our dog is a good dog” which warmed up our vocal chords. Next we sung “Robin Hood” with a series of dance movements along with the song. The actions warmed up our bodies and woke up our minds. For “Robin Hood” we did a movement of holding reigns on a horse. The other characters were Maid Marion, Friar Tuck, and Little John. For Maid Marion we made a crown  for Friar Tuck we made a big belly and fro Little John we crouched down. I think the exercise went well however I struggled to keep up with the actions as the song got quicker, to improve I need to focus on patterns and accuracy.

During Lynn’s session we learnt about different types of fairy tale stories and what significance they hold when telling them.

Cautionary tales-A story that is designed to make children more careful.

Fables- Always include animals that have human traits so its easier for young children to understand the moral of the story.

Parables-A story about people learning a lesson.

Anthropomorphism- Animals in stories that have human traits.

Zoomorphism- When humans in stories have animal traits.

We had to work in teams to re-create “Little Red Riding Hood”. I  was put with Eren, Molly and Ryan. First we discussed how to move from scene to scene, we all decided to move my doing freeze frames because it was simple and good to use to show the audience when the scene has ended. Next we decided who should play who/what because everyone had to be present on the stage. I was cast as Little Red so I didn’t have to play an object for the majority of the story apart from when we had to do the scene when the wolf “ate” grandmother. The rest of the group decided who should be what. we all decided that it would be better if we were objects in the background, I suggested that we should have freeze frames in the background but then we thought it would look better if we were trees or doors. While preforming I noticed I didn’t keep my freeze frame and I also used modern words for a traditional fairy tale like “okay” which took away the traditional feel of the story. A group that stood out for me was Braydens group. None of their characters had to be objects in the background they all carried on moving but didn’t make freeze frames in the back and no one looked out of place.



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