12th September

In the morning we were told that the media crew needed actors/ actresses to complete a 48 hour film project. I was excited because I want to go into film and TV acting so this would be a good experience to have. While the rest of the students went off to their sessions people who were not in “Our house” were put with media groups. For the first hour we thought about what our film should be thought about what our film should be about, we were also asked what roles we preferred to act, I told the m I tend to play boyish characters but I am willing to try any character. We were giving the theme of self control so we expanded on that and began to work around temptation which then made us link it to stealing. One of our main ideas was a love triangle where all the characters back stab each other to get the person they want. We thought this wouldn’t work because we would probably end up doing a fight scene which would be too complex and would take too long to choreograph  in the short time we had to make it look effective. Our second idea was from me which was  a man steals money to buy food to feed his family, we soon said that this idea is very cliche and has been done so many times that it is boring. Our last idea was where there are three people around a table each with an object to kill them with a film playing behind them on why they want to die. We took this idea an adapted it to the three teens stealing the cake to make it less dark.

Next the media crew typed up the script and talked to us about about what each character will be like and what outfits we will be wearing. Tom was playing the “angry” character and was told to wear a red shirt to represent that emotion. Jake was sadness/ worry so he wore a blue shirt because the brain associates the color blue with sadness. I was a “neutral” or “chilled” emotion so I wore a white top to show that I was emotionless. We were given the script and we did a run through before to see whether the script needed fixing. Then we went outside to test the audio on the camera so then the next day we wouldn’t have any technical difficulties.


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