9th September

For my first session the group was asked to move around. Then Lynn asked us to exaggerate our walk a little. I found this a little odd because I have never had to think about how I walk so it took me a few steps to get used to the rhythm and to think about how I walk. I noticed my walk was fairly laid back and I tend to end my step quite heavily. Next we were asked to exaggerate our walk even more. This meant I had to take bigger strides and put my foot down harder, again I found this challenging because I had to re-evaluate my walk again to see what I need to exaggerate. Next we were asked to copy someone else’s walk, I chose Zoe because when she exaggerated her walk she moved her entire body which gave me more to think about when copying her walk, she swung her shoulders from side to side. I liked this walk because it emits confidence but it also looks very care free and approachable. I found it easy to copy her foot work however the swing of the shoulders was difficult to put with the walk because I had to focus on two things at once, how ever when I thought about the walk less it became easier and more comfortable. Next we were asked to shut our eyes and imagine we were in a different time period as a different person. I chose to think about a medieval guard. I chose this because I wanted to experiment with stance and posture that gives off confidence and that intimidates people. So I improved my posture and I kept a straight face with no hint of emotion unless I bumped into someone.


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