13th September

Today we did the filming, we filmed in the morning  so it was bright but the sun was positioned so it wasn’t too bright where we wanted to film. We started filming at the beginning, we had some complications where the camera should be placed so we shot it several times which is what I expected because when your filming you can’t predict where the camera is going to be placed to get the best view of the actors. At one point the media crew filmed us all individually so they could edit our lines in so most of the film will be head shots. I thought my performance was a bit flat and that I over acted at some points because I only had a night to prepare my character and learn my script, if I had more time the character would of been better prepared.

For the rest of the day the actors were not needed but we were told to stay in case we needed to re shoot any scenes so for the rest of the day I worked on my blogs.


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