14th September

During my first session I had Gary. We were asked to preform our short chair pieces but first we had to practice in front of a partner first. Me and Sabrina partnered up and she preformed her piece. She sat down and began to breath heavily through her nose and out through her mouth as if she was trying to control something, then she began to wipe her hands on her jeans and shaking her leg. after a while she stopped and asked for my feed back. I told her I could tell she was acting as if she needed to go to the toilet but I couldn’t tell where she was all I could tell was she was out in public. She told me she was on a bus and I suggested that to show it more clearly maybe she could lose her balance and grab hold of something to she the bus had started moving, she agreed and tested it out a couple of times . Then I practiced my piece, I fidgeted with my clothes and swung my legs on the chair while looking around, at one point I slid off the chair. When I stopped I asked for feed back, she could tell I was a young child in a waiting room but she said when I slid off of the chair I could of done it slower. Next we preformed our pieces and I went first. While walking up to the chair I played with my clothes and when I sat down I did it with a little hop to show that I was a fairly small person. I began to kick my legs and look around and laying my head back on the chair to look at who or what was behind me, when did this I started to slowly slide off of the chair and I paid attention to do this slowly. When I had finished people said they knew I was a child in a waiting room although many said I was a young child waiting to get told off. The piece that stood out the most was Justin’s piece. I liked his piece because he showed his emotions clearly without over exaggerating them. His piece was a man on a plane with an annoying child behind him that keeps kicking his seat.

Our next session was improv with Erica. We did team building exercises and one was to get from one end of the room to the other while touching each member of the group. Next we had to make a game up with objects that were given to us. My group made a game called “hit it hard” where one person is blindfolded and the other has a foam tube and has to try and hit the other person. When we tested out our game we discovered that to make the game more challenging and interesting the person with the foam pipe could be guided and only has 20 steps to hit the person with the blind fold. The best game was a game made with a hat and some cards. You had to pick one card and what ever number was on that card you had to step back a certain amount of steps and then you have three tries to put the hat on the other persons head. I didn’t know what this task was supposed to achieve until the end of the session I realised it was a task about voicing opinions.


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