15th September

In Lynn’s session we learnt more about stories, we were asked to share stories we found.I chose the three little pigs because it has been adapted in different ways, however I chose to talk about the original version because I love to read the original tales and compare them with the “disneyfied” version. After that we were asked which story we thought would be best to do for a street performance, we thought that Jesses story would be best. Jesses story was about a mill owner who found fairies making gold in his mill, one night he goes to the mill and finds the fairies making gold and unlocks the door causing them all to scatter and leave the mill. We thought that it would be easy to create the costumes because all fairies aren’t identical so it would be a good opportunity to let people get their own costumes together. Also there is a part for everyone as you need allot of fairies and you need the mill owner as well.

We also explored the 7 types of stories.

1- Overcoming the monster

The main character goes to kill a monster that threatens the main characters life or companions. e.g Dracula

2-Rags to riches

The main character is living a poor life until he/she comes across some way to become wealthy then he loses it all or gives it up and then grow from their life lesson. e.g  Aladdin

3- The Quest

The main character along with a friend or friends go on a journey to find/obtain some sort of precious object. e.g The lord of the rings

4-Voyage and return

The main character goes to another world, planet, country then over comes a series of threats while trying to get home, the character returns to his or her home with experience e.g Spirited away


A upbeat story with the main character over coming obstacles which are seen from the audience as funny or bizarre. Often in these stories romance is fitted as well. e.g Much ado about nothing

6- Tragedy

The main character isn’t the hero of the story often they are just someone who got caught up in a situation. Often the character has done something that effects the hero of the story badly often resulting in their death. e.g Macbeth


As the story goes on the main character changes his or her ways for the better. e.g The frog prince

We were also asked to do a exercise when we pretended we were in our room typing/ working on our computers then the door bell goes off and we have to show our reactions. We were also told some questions we ask ourselves before we get into a character in a scene.

1- Who am I?

2- Who is this character?

3- What time is it? (Session? Century? Night or day?)

4- Where am I?

5- What surrounds me? (Inanimate and animate)

6- What are the given circumstances?

7- Past, present or future events?

8- What are my relationships?

9- What do I want?

10-What is in the way?

11- What do I do to get it?

When I done either exercise I looked back and answered these questions then re did the scene and realised how easy it was for me to back into the scene. In the scene I was working on my story when I should of been working and I was so focussed \I didn’t notice anything till my mum knocks on the door.





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