16th September

During audition prep we were each given a card and with that card is a status for example if you were a 2 you were of low status if you were a king or a queen you were of high status.I had a card with a Jack on it so I was considered quite a high status so I walked around with a good posture but I didn’t bump into anyone I politely moved and I looked down at people who were obviously low status. However when we were asked to group with people we thought were the same I grouped with a bunch of people who had a 6 card so I discovered that I didn’t read peoples body language well enough or I underestimated my card and didn’t act with a high status. After this exercise we were all put to one side of the room and Lynn or Hannah would say a card and we would have to approach the stage as that card it was the same concept as before. I was given a 7 card so I was fairly confident but I did fiddle with my hands and my clothing to show I was insecure on stage but not completely terrified. Next we had to stand in front of the audience and be completely neutral. I didn’t get a chance to do this exercise but I did pick up a lot of tips while watching people do this like don’t look at the floor when entering or exiting, keep a good posture, stand to the side slightly and don’t swing your arms or fiddle with fingers or clothes.

For the rest of the day I had self directed study and worked on word press and managed to get more blogs done and review over my notes.

When it was season rehearsal the group that were not involved watched an adaptation on Red Riding Hood. I thoroughly enjoyed this because I saw a more twisted version of the tale and it had elements of the Grimms tales in it along with a personal touch from the director.





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