19th September

In the morning we had we had Tim Welton talk to us about working in theatre. He talked about how he got into theatre. He said he went into RADA and kept part time jobs on the side of his course along with going into auditions. He also talked about making  our CVs for auditions and we looked at some that were made up. We had a girl who put all the correct information on her page how ever she didn’t have a variety of pictures of her on stage and head shots it all looked like the same photo. We also learnt about the casting and that when people cast it’s based on how they look sometimes and I think I have an advantage because I am quite short I can play younger characters which gives me the upper-hand because can play from a young child to an adult. I thought this was a good session because it gave me a better understanding on what to do after the course and how to get jobs easier.

Next we were visited by Danusia Iwaszko (or Danny) she is a playwright and has written plays such as “one glass wall” and “labour of love”. She had done acting before she did writing and when she started writing she found out that it was 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration and when you are criticized you need to bounce back from it and learn from it not get hung up over it. I really enjoyed this session because i have always had an interest in writing so talking to Danny really helped me with what to do if  I wish to go down that path.


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