20th September

In the morning we were told we were going to do a presentation on an event. We were then put into groups, my group was with Thalia, Ryan, Molly, Armin and Karolis. We were chosen to research the “Pulse festival in Ipswich”. we went off and assigned jobs to ourselves in our groups and started researching. Ryan started planning the power point and while the rest of the team researched the theatre. I was typing the information down that people had found however I don’t this this was the best way to work because I had three different people all telling me different information so I could of missed out some critical information. Next we went back to the dance studio and Hannah told us the do’s and don’ts of a good presentation.

Presentation do’s

  • Use appropriate language
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Give handouts
  • Say you have handouts at the beginning of the presentation
  • Be prepared (Lots of practice)
  • Practice in-front of friends and family before you go and do your presentation and always ask for feedback
  • Eye contact
  • Make it visually interesting (No white font on dark backgrounds)
  • Engage the audience (Do a question and answer session at the end of the presentation)
  • Vary your tone in your voice

Presentation don’ts

  • Don’t include all the information in the slides (it gets boring and your reading off of the slides)
  • Don’t give the handouts out at the begging of the presentation (The audience will read them and then there is no point in listening to the presentation)
  • Don’t read off the slide
  • Don’t cross your arms or fiddle with your clothes etc
  • Don’t speak like you don’t care (the audience will get very bored very quickly)
  • Don’t be dull (Again the audience will get bored and switch off)
  • Don’t overload people with information
  • Don’t include any irrelevant pictures (Although entertaining it could confuse the audience)
  •  Don’t rush through the presentation
  • Don’t block peoples view (If people are taking notes they will miss information and get annoyed)
  • Don’t over practice
  • Don’t stall the presentation
  • Don’t use slang/ colloquialisms
  • Don’t try to be funny (if the joke fails to be funny it could create an awkward atmosphere that is difficult to over come)
  • Don’t turn your back on the audience (unless your writing on the board)

While the people in our house were rehearsing we practiced “any old iron”  and also learnt after the ball where I learnt that when i’m singing my voice is better with that genre of song.


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