21st September

Erica Dupuy came and talked to us about stand up comedy. She covered many important topics one which I thought was the most important was coming up with material for the stand up. When you ware trying to find material you need to observe your surroundings and see what you can pull out of different situations to make them funny, some scenarios may not even be true but make sure that there is some element of truth in them or the situation would be forced. When you come up with your material google it to make sure that no one else has got it because you should never take someone eles’s material. When you preform your material always do it with confidence and establish your “status” with the audience. if you give off a high status to the audience then you can get away with jokes that someone with a low status can’t get away with. I found this session particularly interesting because I have always admired comedians and wondered how they come across their jokes. I learnt that looking at the world at a different angle and looking for a funny side in each situation to get inspiration for your material.

Next we watched some videos about different roles in the theatre besides acting.


* Creates an illusion by using body movement to tell the story

* Trust plays a big part when doing choreography because if you are falling on to another person you need to have complete faith that that person will catch you.


* Rufus Norris

* National theatre (a big theatre company)

* Was an actor for a while

Casting associate
* Spends time talking to directors to see what they need to cast and what they need to look likeable what experience they need.

* Looks at actors profiles and keeps tabs on them. If one actress was used in a production before with the same director the casting associate will keep an eye on their page so when the director needs then they are easy to find.

* Doesn’t have a final say. They may pick the people to cast but they don’t have the final say the director has the final say.

Scenic artist 

* makes small models of the stage and re creates it

* Artists. The people that go into the this part of makingbtheatrw have to be very good with their hands and using their imaginations. They also have to know the play inside out so they know what to include at what time and the state movements as well

* washes clothes and fixes clothes when actors are finished with them also when they are bustling on and off stage they fix any loose threads or rips.

* Makes sure everything is in its place actorsvand actresses have to make quick changes so they can’t put everything back to its rightful place while they are changing so they have to make sure nothing is missing.

* Sewing is an effective skill to have especially if you can do it quickly, if someone’s costume has ripped then they have the responsibility to fixing it quickly and neatly.

I thought this session was good because it gave me a better insure on how things worked and opened my mind to new possibilities.


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