22nd September

  1. We were visited by a performing arts company to discuss touring as a theatre company. When funding for a tour you need to take into consideration for:
  • Accommodation
  • Travel (insurance, petrol, etc)
  • Venue and booking
  • Sets, props, costume and technical equipment
  • The actors, musicians, technical support, sound and lighting design and musical director
  • Marketing (leaflets, paper work, photographer and website)
  • Rehearsal space
  • Licensing
  • Food
  • Director

Most of the list costs a minimal of £50  however the director costs £1200! And having to pay insurance for you car isn’t cheap either, you also have to move the cast and the equipment and depending on how big the cast is the bigger the cast the more expensive it is to move everyone and find accommodation for them (£20 each). You would have to pay for all of this with your own money but you can also ask for donations from the public to pay for it all. You could collect money by:

  •  Sponsors
  • Grants
  •  Outside shows
  •  Busking
  • Crowd funding
  •  Patronage
  • Social media
  •  Bar

We also discussed the golden rules in theatre. I liked discussing this because it gave me a bit more confidence and made me realise that when performing or doing a presentation I should give it all my energy.

We talked about what jobs we could get if we pursued a career in acting. I found out that if I wanted to go into acting I need a job that was a free lance job, agency work, or a zero hour job contract.

  1.  Bar work
  2.  Starbucks
  3.  Flyering
  4.  Delivery
  5.  Waiting on tables
  6.  Busking
  7.  Children’s parties
  8.  Project work
  9.  Avon
  10.  Model for art classes
  11.  Nursing
  12.  Lorry driver
  13.  Sales rep
  14.  Dog walking
  15.  Baby sitting
  16.  Tutoring
  17.  Musician
  18.  Casual tech
  19.  Night guard

All these jobs  are good jobs to have if you want to have an acting career because you can have people to cover your shift or you can make your own holiday times.

Next session we listened to some adverts and then were asked to make our own advert for any place or product. My group chose to do an advert for conservatoire EAST and we first talked about what catch phrase we should use, we worked around the phrase being about dreams and then thought of the phrase “Conservatoire EAST where your dreams matter”. We then thought about what we needed to include in the script which was preforming arts, dance, media studies, musical theatre, production arts and music. When we recorded the advert we realised there was some background noise but thought it was good because it gave a more naturalistic feel to it.



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