23rd September 

For my first session we did audition prep and worked in dancing. We danced to “My old bamboo”. I found this extremely difficult when I had to keep up with the music, I think that this was because when I practiced the steps I practiced them slowly instead of quickly to the speed of the song. Then the group sat down and the year twos began to give us advice on what to do after the course. This was really good because it opened my mind to more possibilities.

Next we had an actor musician talk to us called Birgitta Kenyon, she talked to us about jobs and how you could start preforming in bars and at weddings or funerals. I also learnt that to get some jobs open mic nights are good. I liked this session however it’s not a pathway I would chose. It was useful because it showed me part time jobs again and what you can give to the community.

At the end of the day most of the groups preformed their presentations. We preformed ours.

I noticed that when we preformed our piece I said “um” and “uh” a lot during the presentation which I thought I had avoided so I had done it out of habit. I thought we did well during our presentation and that we included all the information we only had one question from the audience and no one seemed lost during the presentation. I thought that Justin’s group was really good because they covered all the important information and they didn’t rush at all so I managed to make plenty of notes during their speech. Their presentation was about Edinburgh Fringe festival, the group included what genres of productions they put on and a little bit of history was included, they had clear voices all the way through out the presentation so I never had to ask them to repeat themselves.


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