26th September 

In my first session I had directed study and I worked in my WordPress and worked on Garys script. While I was rehearsing to myself I noticed how I experimented with tone to find the right emotion to fit. I began to realise that if I raised tension at certain places then went really quiet I could create an air of suspense over the audience.

In my next session I had Lynn and the group discussed how we were going to do the street fair play and how we were going to make the magic items do “magic”. We soon noted down what would be most difficult to pull of while doing this performance which was the donkey pooping coins, the table having food appear on it, the cudgle jumping out of the sack and all the characters switching locations. So we got into groups and began to discuss how we were going to work around these issues, our best idea for the pooping pennys was from Braydens group where a bottle with the top cut open and some coins in the bottle it’s then put in some fabric which becomes the tail and when you lift the “tail” the coins fall out, for the cudgle we had three ideas one was where someone dressed in black comes and controls the cudgle and “hits” people another idea was that someone is dressed as the cudgle and they hop out of the sack and start “attacking” people the third idea was from me and I suggested that when the cudgle comes out of the sack the third brother acts as if the cudgle has a mind of its own and is dragging him around the stage. Lynns main concern however was that the kids were going to yell at the three brothers when the objects get switched which would make the play complicated because the characters would have to react.

Next session with Lynn we worked on projection. First we paired up and we went to opposite sides of the room then we had to project our voices to hear the other person. I noticed that when I was projecting my body leant forward and there was more exaggeration in the face also the further away you are the more emotion you add you your face. We had to shout to our partner as well while they had their eyes closed, i couldn’t hear what Brayden was saying but I could hear him however when  shouted to him when he had his eyes closed he could tell what i was saying and who i was.


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