27th September 

For my second session I had self directed study. I write some rough work in my book while I discussed Gary’s scene with Eren. We talked about how it’s should be blocked, Eren said he imagined the scene with him sitting in the bench and then me coming along and sitting next to him, I said that I thought of the scene as him waiting in line or waiting for someone when I come along and we end up preforming the scene from there. We calmed to the conclusion in the end to do a mix between both of them.

During lynns session we discussed the magic paintbrush story and we were given two versions to look at and in groups we had to discuss which one we thought was the better version to preform in the street performance. The differences between the two stories are not very different apart from that the villain in one story is a rich man and in the other the villain is the emperor of china and in one version the emperor is send to sea by a storm while in another a wave drowns him and the boat. My group thought that the first version of the story was the better version because it is more dramatic and there was a mountain of gold which is more visually pleasing then money on trees however we thought about how we would make the wave and the mountain of gold and realised that if we were just doing this story on the street it would be better to go with the second version of the story. We also thought the second version of the story would be better for younger audiences because it is more simple than the first version. We were then put into groups and asked to price together the scene when the emperor gets sent off to sea.

When we were practicing this we first had the emperor lay back with me catching him so I was out of the shot and that it didn’t look messy however at one point the emperor leant back too early which didn’t give me enough time to catch him we then moved things around so then a chair supported him instead. This meant I had to find something to do while the wave went over the emperor so me and the “waves” became the spray of the foam at the end.


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