28th September 

In Gary’s session we were asked to practice our pieces. Me and Eren managed to go through it three times. We were unsure about how to end the piece so we experimented with different endings. We tried hugging but then realized that the speech would be muffled and the audience wouldn’t be able to hear what we are saying, we then tried it with me putting my head in his shoulder but it created an unnecessary pause that ruined the moment so in the end we thought me grabbing his hand would be the best way to end the scene. We were then asked to to perform our pieces the one that stood out the most was Jess and Ines’s piece. Their “argument was over a board game but what they do that made it work so well is that they made it sounds like something serious and ended up making what could of been a sinister piece quite childlike. When me and Eren performed our piece people commented how we kept making the tone of the piece go up then down and kept all the audience in their toes, Gary said that he liked it but also said that me and Eren have a very laid back style when it comes to acting and if we had to perform in a bigger space we would ask us to make it much bigger.

During Erica session we were asked to talk about our names. I was paired up with Jess and we discussed how our names sounded. When I thought of Jesses name I said it sounded very to the point, Jess said that “Mia” sounds very girly and floaty. I found this surprising because I always thought my name sounded sharp not floaty. Next the pairs were switched around and then were asked to make up a drink and a name for the drink. I noticed that when Erica asked us to do this my mind went completely blank so Brayden came up with the drink and the name for the drink. I realized that the exercise was to help us think on the spot when asked a question. Next we were put into groups again and given a  topic to work with. My group had to work with spies and we approached it in several ways because we also had to fit in impersonating other people. We came up with a short simple scene which was this.

I noticed that with our short space of time we managed to come up with a scene that managed to fit with what we were given. This linked into this session earlier because it was us thinking on our feet to create a scene and to put our ideas forward.


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