29th September 

We had some people from Guildhall come in and do some exercises with us. The first exercise was where we would throw a ball to each other and say that persons name. The game soon progressed to adding a voice and a action to that persons name. As the exercise progressed I soon realized that it was help us get more confident and outrageous with characters and not to hold back when your with a new group of people.

During Lynn’s session we discussed more about the magic paintbrush and came up with the story line for our performance. We talked about the key points And put them in order with the key points in the grid so then we know what to focus on. We also discussed what we can and cannot do with the audience and reading the audiences reaction. If in a scene we are supposed to interact with an audience member (for example a goat eating a member of the audiences clothing) then don’t go for a young child or toddler because they may cry which would create a negative impact on the show, same goes for an older child if they are looking frightened don’t go for them your best bet is to go for the parent because the children may laugh and try to get involved as well. Also we cannot give any sweets or treats out to the audience in case of a chocking hazard or kids being allergic to the food.

During Lynns next session we played a improve game called turn left where we were each given an object, place or theme. My place was a hospital and my theme was Bear Grylls. I found the hospital scene a little difficult to work with because I panicked and my mind went blank which made the scene more awkward than fluid like it was supposed to however I found the Bear Grylls scene easier because I was familiar with his show and what he does. For the rest of the session we worked on stereotypes, we first looked at age and how elderly people walked, we noted on how they shuffled because of stiff joints or how they watch their footing on the ground. Next we looked at how toddlers walked, because they haven’t quite got used to to walking they wobble a lot and tend to lead with their hands because they want something.


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