4th October 

The first thing we did during Lynns session was an exercise where we “pushed” air outdoor the way. Next we were put into groups and to put a sequence together combining our movements together. I was with Eren and Ryan and we put Ryan in the middle so then he can “push and Eren to the side. This exercise was good for mime because your not moving the air out of the way you are “forcing” if out of the way. Next we carried on working on the magic paintbrush. Before we started the session I said my idea that when the trees go on stage they should come on low and “grow around” Ma Liung so the forest doesn’t suddenly appear. Next we worked on when the river comes to life and what we should guess for the river, when I shouted “a snake” I was told that I needed to make it much bolder otherwise people at the back won’t hear and it would look a little half hearted which wouldn’t be good for the performance. Also when performing for kids use “story book” language and make everything bold because they are only little and won’t understand hidden meanings or subtle language.


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