30th September 

During audition prep we talked about making a good impression when doing a monologue for a part. When you have finished performing now and say thank you to indicate that you have finished your piece. When you have completed The monologue don’t insult yourself be honest with yourself and work with what criticism is given to you. We also discussed about choosing monologues to fit how we look and and our acting style. I was told that when I’m choosing a character go for the Juliet character because of my body build and my face. For my summer work I chose to do Benedict from much ado about nothing which was a wrong decision because he is male and a soldier and I’m female and have quite a small build which wouldn’t be good for a soldier character since a soldier is usually pictured as a big strong man not a small girl. Also I was not surprised that I was put with the Juliet character because of how I look but I have always been put with a tomboy character on account of how my personality is so I haven’t got much practice on being the damsel in distress character which is what I will have to practice.


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