3rd October 

My first session was directed study and Lynn got our group together to discuss the  “magic paintbrush” story and how to plan it. We decided to go from the beginning with workers picking crops in the field and singing. We haven’t come up with a song for the workers so we sang “oh our poor bird”. We also discussed audience participation. We thought that it would be good to include the audience by them guessing what Ma Liung (Ryan Smith) was drawing. I suggested that the audience suggested what he drew but someone pointed out that someone might suggest something too difficult to draw so we went with the audience guessing. Next we worked on Ma Liungs journey home. I was part of the woodland and while I was coming in stage I was only thinking about how to get on neatly but later in the session Lynn said when coming in or off stage always take yourself on a journey otherwise it will look scruffy. After we looked at the dream and how to make it look different from the waking world. Someone suggested to use floaty fabrics to make the dream look different so then the children can tell the difference. We also talked about how to make the magic paintbrush “magic” I suggested painting a butterfly and then getting a model butterfly to “fly” on set. My initial idea was for Ma Liung not to wake up and instead the old man tries to wake him up but fails and gives him the paintbrush. I realized this could be confusing for the audience so I decided to go with the butterfly idea.

In session 2 we carried on with the magic paintbrush and began to talk about props and costumes that was will need. We also came up with the list.


  • paintbrush (with a board pen hidden inside) x2
  •  Bowls and buckets
  • Fabric for the dream
  • Rag for the nose
  • Butterfly on the pole


  • Conical hats
  • Browns and grays for the peasants
  • Colourful clothes for the emperor

We were wondering how we were going to do the magic brush different so because the story is aimed at younger children the the magic paintbrush will be sparkly and have stars on it to so it is unique to the other paintbrush also when something glitters or sparkles people often associate it to something magical or to something valuable.


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