5th October 

During Gary’s session I partnered up with Jess and we had to discuss what are the most important things to think about when we are given a character and a script. The group all said their ideas and we came up with this list:

  •  Who you are
  •  How you would react to things
  •  Where your cues are
  •  Know what happens in the play
  •  Relationships within the play
  •  How they speak
  •  Research on the character
  •  Know the character inside out
  • What stage you are working with
  • Need to know the rhythm of the play
  •  What purpose the character serves
  • Audience (who is it for)
  • Time limit
  •  Language

Next we were put into pairs and given a script that we were told to learn within a week. I read the script through and picked up that the emotion of the peice was anger. At the end of the session we were told that they were from films and that we needed to watch the films to know the story.

Next session was Ericas session and we were working on giving life to inanimate objects. First we had to give the Henry hoovers personalities and relationships with the other hoovers. My group said that they were a group of friends and carried the personalities of young children show characters.

Henry- young happy go lucky always positive, is the group leader.

Hetty- girly the princess of the group, doesn’t like to get her hands dirty. Speaks with a high squeaky voice

James- Chilled out, very laid back

Charles- Stuck up, rich and thinks he is higher than the rest. Speaks in a posh accent

George- Comedic friend

Next we were given objects and what we thought they would be like if they were human. Next we had to make a short scene with the items, I was a natural bath sponge and me and Jess discussed and I thought that  bath sponge would be more apologetic and almost traumatized when Jess pointed out that the bath sponge is a natural bath sponge so it may be a bit stuck up because it isn’t a everyday bath sponge it was “special” so she would tend to brag about her job. Liam and Ryan were cheese graters and they thought that they would be like sharp business men or be two faced. We made a scene with these two objects and we set it in a bar.

When I watched this back I couldn’t help but think that we should of discussed when people are talking because a lot of the time the two groups are having two different conversations which was difficult for me to focus on and it made us difficult to understand.



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