10th October

During my first session we worked on the magic paintbrush. Lynn came in and said that she had came up with the tune of the song for the field workers and that we needed and we all talked about the lyrics. We decided to base the lyric on a hard days work (because that’s what the workers are doing).


Working in the field as the day goes round

Gathering the rice that grows from the ground


We also discussed about background characters and how even though you have a very minor role you still have to ask yourselves the same questions that you would ask yourself if you had a bigger role. I thought of my character being a small girl possible 8 or 9 years old who is working in the fields because her parents need extra money or can’t work so she is earning money in the field. At the end of the scene when Ma Liung paints me and Thalia link arms and skip off stage, so we had to come up with the relationship that the two girls had, we said that they could be close friends since there isn’t many people in the field that are the same age.

In session 2 we worked on voice. We were working on different voices in different parts of the throat and mouth, we experimented with open throat voice and talking “through the nose” and how it effects the character you play for example an open throat character would immediately sound dimmer because you can’t speak quickly because you are keeping the back of the throat open and your jaw slacks, how ever when you are talking with a nasally voice your jaw becomes tight and your posture improves along with your articulation because the voice stereo-typically goes with someone who speaks well and  keeps a good posture. It’s important for you to get the right voice for a character because the voice of a character often paints their looks and personality.


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