11th October

We had self directed study during our second session and I worked on Garys script. I tried to fit in more emotion than just anger I tried to fit in understanding, sarcasm, guilt and sadness. I found that the script worked well with sarcasm, sadness and guilt because the script is an argument between a married couple and anything that isn’t related to anger would confuse the audience or wouldn’t make the scene as effective as it is.

In our third session Lynn explained our feedback for our tasks and gave us a sheet explaining the main errors made in researched written work. After her talk I felt much more comfortable and I understood where I went wrong and how I can improve. After the talk we managed to go over “The Magic Paintbrush”. We moved on to the later scenes within the session and discussed how the spies should take the paint brush from Ma Liung, we came up with a scene where Ma Liung paints some furniture and the spies sneak in. We tried to keep the humor of the spies by making them a but dim so they hid behind a table and the hat stand so they are clearly visible but are “hiding”, we did this so the spies are not so scary they are still villainous but we added some humor so they are not scary. We also had to think about how the “furniture” (which is Jess as the hatstand and Liam as the table) because if they just disappear by walking off it loses the magic of the scene and gives a unsatisfactory feel to the scene so to keep the stage busy we thought of making the furniture run off stage after the spies, I liked this because it kept a cheerful and playful feel to what can feel like a disappointing scene.



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