12th October

During Garys session we were told that we were going to be performing and we had 10 minuets to practice our scenes and when me and Liam performed ours we were standing, we had only done the scene sitting down and when we did stand up we were static and didn’t move so we tried to add movement but it looked like pointless movement.

Our feed back was that it was good that we were off the book (which meant we can play around with it a lot more) but we needed to block it which I agree because what we ended up doing was walking around aimlessly during the scene.

Two other pairs did their piece. I really liked Justin’s and Jesse’s piece I thought it was well done, however I thought that the way they planned out the room was a bit awkward for any movement, Gary suggested moving where they put the CD rack because it was on the floor at the beginning of the scene and t was a bit confusing what he was doing. I enjoyed watching their scene it was easy to tell the relationship straight away  was not a happy one.

Next we had Erica’s session where we worked on making inanimate objects come to life again. Erica gave us a choice of locations to talk about and what would be in them. My group (Jess and Tom) chose to do a fruit bowl and we discussed different fruits and how the would be like if they were people. We decided to go with a fresh banana being very confident, full of himself and a bit sassy we also had a mouldy banana who is a bit depressing, brings the place down and a bit tired next we decided to have a random object thrown in which was a pair of keys who is a bit annoyed that they have been placed in the fruit bowl. I really liked the first aid box idea because it used such different objects with such different personalities, for example the cleaning wipes were very proud because they are clean but they have never been out of the box so they don’t know what its like, the sling was a caring character which I thought was a great contrast to the wipes because he is comforting the next character which was a pin that was so traumatized because he had made a little girl cry.


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