13th October

We worked on the rest of “The Magic Paintbrush”. We came up with a second verse for the song which was,

“Working in the fields as the day goes round

Gathering the rice that grows from the ground

Working rough and hard so we can eat

Dreaming of the moment we can finally sleep”

Karolis came up with the second verse and we played around with the tune and the words for a while till it settled in nicely. We also worked in the stormy scene in the ending of the performance. We decided that first we should trick the emperor first by making Ma Liung “not hear him” and he draws silly things before Ma Liung gets taken away to prison, we knew that the stormy scene would be difficult and making the island would be difficult as well so our initial idea was to have one big tree in the center and have it react to the storm around us, however when we practiced this I thought the tree was blocking the entire scene and this scene is crucial for everyone to see because it’s the ending. So we all thought that we should have two separate trees to each side so then when the storm comes along we can go off quickly and the audience can see the emperors nasty end.

Next session we did hot seating so then some of the characters could get to know themselves and get a better grip on who they are. I really thought that when Ryan was answering as Ma Liung because he was shy and very modest towards discussing his paintings and you could tell that he wasn’t Ryan anymore. When I had to do hot seating for my little girl character at the end I managed to come up with a little story behind her I also fiddled with my clothes and made myself small and my voice a little bit quiet to show I was a little bit shy.



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