14th October

During audition prep I performed my monologue “Invisible Friends” by Alan Ayckbourn . I bought the book onstage which I think was a bit of a security blanket because it was the first time I was performing in front of a crowd how ever it distracted me because whenever I was unsure of the next line I would look in the book so it was distracting to the audience because I looked in the book twice. I was told to stick with that monologue because it suited how I looked because I can play fairly young roles (the girl in “Invisible friends” is about 13). My hair was an issue which I expected, it kept falling into my face as I was performing which made me move it so I broke out of character. I also need to know where i’m shouting or if i’m shouting out of frustration and if I am shouting to people know where they are (downstairs or in the next room?). I was also told it would be a good idea to show that there are other people in the house by keeping the first part of the monologue when she speaks to her brother in, so I thought about how I would change the scene so I could do that, I thought that I could have my “room” in the center stage and then have the “hallway” and my “brothers room” stage left so I can open his door and speak to him then move into center stage to go into my room.


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