17th October 

During my first session we did task 6 and showed the dance students our magic paintbrush story. I found it a bit weird when performing it because we had to turn the stage around so at one point I went off stage in the wrong direction so I had to go across the back to get to the other side of the stage so I could be a tree, I realized after that I could of entered from stage left and went off at stage right so I was in the right position for the next scene but I went across the back to fix my mistake which I can’t do in the real performance because there will be a wall or audience in the way.
During our next session we had to take photos for the magic paintbrush poster. We all wore green and brown and used our arms as branches around Ryan. I really liked this idea because the main focus was on Ryan and the paintbrush so the audience automatically oils see what the play was about from the posters picture. We also discussed what to put on a poster:

  • Dates
  • Location
  •  Times
  •  Title
  •  Free
  •  What do you want people to know first
  •  Public needs to know it’s a passer by experience
  •  “Free for your entertainment”
  •  Say you are from the Christmas fair
  •  “Come and see con east”
  •  “Free just turn up”

During self directed study I went to look at some modern female comedy monologues, I found one called “the power of the dog” I liked this monologue because it’s about a girl complaining about a play she went to see and I thought I could play her really well if I add some sarcasm into the scene. I also looked at a play called “Breathing Corpses” where the beginning of the play is the cleaner finding a dead body and is having a one sided conversation, I liked this scene however I don’t think I could pull it off very well and I couldn’t decide where I wanted to start or end my scene.


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