18th October 

During self directed in my second session I went over Gary’s script again. Me and Liam blocked the script and we had to lay out what the “apartment” looked like. We decided that stage left was where the bathroom should be center stage was the living room/ kitchen while stage right was the bedroom. I was pleased that we managed to set out the scene because I began to plan my route around the apartment like folding my jacket, brushing my teeth or washing up. We were practicing where people were sitting so we had some people give advice we were told not to break out of character and was reminded that we should only move if we need to move otherwise it gets distracting.
During Lynns session we started working on the “Table, Donkey and the Cudgel”. We started working on voice and movement of the characters. I am playing the goat so I put on a voice that rattled a bit and sounded a bit nasally as well. When moving I crouched a bit and put a spring to my step and jumped around because stereo typically some goats are fairly bouncy also if I didn’t bounce I could make the goat look moody and the scene would lose the energy.

I was also cast as as India when the brothers go around the world so  did a bit of research on how to say hello in Hindi and some Indian dance moves. I found some pictures as inspiration.

Image result for traditional indian dance moves

Image result for traditional indian dance moves

Image result for traditional indian dance moves

I would only have a very short time to do these poses but if I combine the hand movements I could make it look like a traditional Indian dance.


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