19th October

During Gary’s session we had to perform our finished scripts. We all got a chance to perform ours and I really liked Thalia’s and Ryan’s script because during the entire piece you could tell that Thalia was holding back her anger which made her sudden outburst such a relief and it released a lot of tension in the room because the anger that was building inside her we creating an effective tension through the room. What also worked was that the interruptions were perfectly timed but also sounded like they were meant to be there not scripted. However it was a little inconsistent with movement such as Ryan opening the oven and throwing the food away when later in the piece Thalia says that she will put the food back in the oven and burn the building down. When me and Liam performed I thought it went well I did mess up a couple of lines because at one point that lines sound similar that I forgot what order they were in. I was also told that I lean forwards too much and when I do I stop half way and I also point a lot, I did this because I was trying to stop putting my hands into my pockets so I was unsure what to do with them. I was told that the crying was over playing again I explained that this was because I couldn’t cry on demand which is something I need to learn to do.

(Video 1 commentary, video 2 performance)
During Erica’s session we carried on talking about giving inanimate objects human personalities. She said that we were going to work as a class to create a fridge and its contents. First we had to think of a scenario so we thought of a girlfriend moving in with her boyfriend who both have very different eating requirements, the girlfriend is a vegan while the boyfriend is a meat enthusiast. I imagined the girlfriend to be fairly neat and tidy while the boyfriend is a bit of a slob which reflects in his fridge so most of the food that came from the girl was a bit stuck up. I had to play a fat free and dairy free yogurt and have a conversation with some mouldy cheese, my character was disgusted by the cheese because he is mouldy and isn’t fat free however I had to play some bacon which was te opposite of the yogurt because the character was laid back and boasted how she was his favorite food while the tofu was very chill and sat with his lags crossed like a mediation pose.


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