20th October

During our first session we began to explore the “table, donkey and cudgel” story. we began with the mother and the goat entering up stage right and the children entering upstage left. I crouched down and when I walked I hopped about, however my hair kept getting in my face which made me a little harder to read and I kept pushing it back which made me break out of character and was a distraction to the audience, so we tied my hair into bunches to make them look like ears of the goat which made things easier because I did’t have to worry if the audience could see my face or not. i was also told that I have to interact with the audience members by “eating” their clothes and making goat noises at them so then they feel involved but I need to e careful with who I pick to act on because some kids may be sensitive and not like the attention. I also and to practice being India and I need to practice the movement. What was the main concern during the session was our volume because we have to perform outside we have to make sure we can be heard and I have to make sure the audience can understand my goat voice and make sure it’s not too wobbly.

During Lynn’s next session we had to research animals and how they move and make them into a person. I looked at a rabbit and I noted that when they move they move quite slowly or with little movements when they are eating but when they see danger then their movements become large and quick, it reminded me of a mother running to stop her child from doing something like crossing the road or eating something they shouldn’t be eating.


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