1st November

During directed study I listened to some cockney accents so I could practice later for Peggy’s character. During self directed study I spent the hour working on my cockney accent and RP accent, I also sat and listened to Jess and Ami’s audition pieces, we all gave our feed back to each other and their opinion on my cockney piece was that I should keep to it but think about how I pronounce words because sometimes the word got lost in the accent, for my RP accent they said I need to know my tempo because I started slow and ended quickly so again it was difficult to understand.
During my last session the group was working on props again. I managed to tidy up the sails a bit but they fold very easily which isn’t practical because outside they could bend and break and make the boat go out of balance so I looked at a picture of the boat and saw that they had wooden poles stretching across the sails, I began to make strips of card to lay across the weakest spots to keep it strong, I made sure the strips look like they are supposed to be there and were inspired by the boats.



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