31st October

During my first session we began to make the boat for the emperor in the magic paintbrush. Tom did a bit of research into what the boats look like. I based the sail off of this picture:

Image result for chinese boat

I had to take into consideration how big the sails were so they didn’t topple over when they are being lifted I also had to make sure that the boxes are taped securely together so they don’t fall apart. We have to use cardboard boxes because we haven’t got any budget so we all went off at the beginning of the session to collect some, we also were using wrapping paper to wrap up the gold coins because we are doing the play near Christmas time so wrapping paper is cheap.

When I was making the sails I noticed that they are split and I can’t do that with card board, the sail will be too fragile so I had to focus on the shape and not worry about the splits in the sail so when painting it I will have to make sure that they are colourful so they fit the story book theme.


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