2nd November

During my first session I worked on the sails for the boat, I finished putting on the strips of cardboard and I placed them carefully so they would support the weak spot in the sail so then it didn’t fall or fold over. I then realised that the back could still fold over and damage the “poles” so I had to make small strips to place on the back however I may need to change this because the audience may stand in the theatre of the round and see the back of the sail, however we have been told that we may have a tree stopping the audience from going around the back of the act so the audience may not be able to see the back of the sail.

In my second session I finished the sails and painted them, I painted the sail red and the “poles” gold because traditionally rich people would be clothed on red and gold in story books and fabrics around the palace would be the same so I wanted to reflect this and keep up with the traditional story outline of the play. Ines painted the butterfly in different shades of green, I thought this was good because it creates a barrier between colours so any colours like reds are related to the emperor (Evil) and greens and natural colours are related to Ma Liung which means the audience will see them as good colours as the villagers are dressed in greens and browns, the butterfly is green and so is the forest, also Ma Liung is dressed in blue which separates him from the villagers and because blue is the opposite of red it shows the contrast between the characters.

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