3rd November

During our first session we had the people who had bee rehearsing for our house join us so we could go over the “Table, Donkey and the Cudgel”. Karolis had done some research on the names and as a group we all decided to call the characters Joey, Chloe and Philomena, we named number three differently so then the audience can see that she is different form her other siblings. We managed to go through the entire script however I had to think about where I was coming on and off stage so I won’t have to run across the stage if I am on the wrong side.

I also have to remember to make sure my fringe stays off of my face other wise the audience will not see the goat, when I play India I have to do some hand movements as well so then I am more interactive with the explorer.
During the next session we worked on the 7 levels of tension and what characters would fit these 7 levels.
  1. Level 1 would be someone who desperately doesn’t want to move, they would drag themselves around and not hold themselves up so they is no energy in this character.
  2. Level 2 would be a very relaxed character and very casual they wouldn’t care about their surroundings. They would hold themselves up but their arms might swing by their side when  they walk.
  3. Level 3 would be neutral and wouldn’t have any meaning to it. It’s a everyday walk sometimes it can come across as the person has no purpose but when put with a specific character it can be given a purpose.
  4. Level 4 would be curious or indecisive and would look at things in detail you have a purpose to be somewhere or to be doing something.
  5. Level 5 the person is unsure or is concentrating the person is no longer doing something calmly they are tensed especially around the eyes.
  6. Level 6 they are frantic and running about, perhaps being chased or something has happened and they need to get to that place. However they could be frantic from happiness or excitement.
  7. Level 7 the person is now frozen on the spot perhaps like level 1 they cannot move however on level one the person can move if they so desired but on level 7 they can’t move.

Several characters were asked to think about how we would walk and if you were an animal you would be ask to move like the would if they were human. I thought the goat was a level 6 on tension so when I walked I gave a little skip to my step, when I was India I was a level 3 and moved slowly as if I didn’t have anywhere to be.


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