4th November

During audition prep we worked on interview questions for drama schools. We were first asked to write what we did or have done out of the course. Lynn said that what you do out of the course tells you what type of person you are for example if you play chess you show that you think about strategy and you pay attention to detail.

I managed to list-

  • Archery
  • Writing
  • Part time work
  • Volunteering at the local youth club (ages 7-13)
  • script writing competition
  • Guitar
  • Babysitting
  • Choir singing
  • Crucial crew

Working with children shows that I am capable with people who are still learning and that I am patient. We were also asked to know what last 5 shows we have seen recently and to know the theatre company that performed the show and the director.

The last shows I have seen-

  • Kes (at the Theatre Royal performed by Conservatiore EAST students directed by Gary Willis)
  • Hamlet (at the Theatre Royal)
  • Must ado about nothing (at the Mercury Theatre Colchester directed by Pia Furtado)
  • Our House (at West Suffolk College Conservatoire EAST, performed by the Conservatoire EAST students directed by Gary Willis)

We would have to voice our opinions on the performance to the interviewer.


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