7th November

During our first session we did a run through of the “Magic table, Donkey and Cudgel”. We focused on how and where everyone was going to be placed. My main issue was not being able remember that we are preforming on a thrust stage so I keep positioning myself as if I’m performing to an end on theatre which forces the other characters to perform like that so I need to speak to the other characters diagonal. We also experimented with using props, for the table we used a cardboard box and for the cudgel we used a coat hanger, It was easy for the characters to move around and remember props because half of the time the characters are “traveling” with their objects. For the around the world scene we have to remember the order that the three children travel in.

  1. Ryan (America)
  2. Me (India)
  3. Ines (Spain)
  4. Justin (Australia)

We each have movements and mine were Bollywood inspired hand movements but I need to remember to watch my hands when doing the moves and not to watch the person next to me.

For our next session we finished off our props for the two street stories and I stuck down the rods however me and two other people had to hold them down to make sure they were stuck well or they would lift off again.

Our last session was auditions and I auditioned for Peggy and Poppy, two very different characters that are polar opposites in the way they speak but similar on how they act. Peggy has a thick cockney accent and is confident and positive while Poppy has a RP accent and is also confident but the way they stand is extremely different Peggys stance was more open while Poppys stance was more closed but she held her head high so she was still confident but also poised.


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