8th November

During self directed study I looked at my contemporary monologue I decided to go with  “Ancient Lights” by Shelagh Stephenson because it seemed like a monologue that would suit me. It’s a fairly young teen character who is doing a “speech from winning an oscar” I would love to play around with the character and the voice along the with reactions to the “reporters” questions. It would also give me a chance to work on my reactions as in both of my chosen contemporary monologues I am talking to an invisible person.

In Lynns session we worked on certain scenes that needed tidying up like the around the world scene we needed to work on the three children’s reactions and the countries interactions that the countries have with the children. We referred back to the 7 levels of tension so Ines had to be a level 7 for Spain because of how tense flamenco dancers are, this made me think about what tension I should be and I went with a 4 because a Bollywood dancers are very fluent and have nearly no tension its the opposite to a flamenco dancer which is a nice contrast because then it isn’t too repetitive and the audience wont get bored. For the goat when the children are leaving and when they have left I need to be happy before I was a neutral which bought me out of character I also need to make my actions bigger so the audience can see what I am doing.


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