9th November

During Gary’s session we looked at cold reading which we will use in auditions. When cold reading then you should always read the entire script and not just the piece that you have been assigned, it will give a better understanding on what the given piece and help you pin point the main emotion through the scene once you have done that you can split the scene into different emotions so the scene isn’t too flat. When reading the script you have to read shared so you can make eye contact with your audience so it’s not just you standing there reading off of a script. You also need to think about where the character is and who they are. This session was really good because we were told that you would have to cold read a lot if you are going into TV and film which is an area I would like to go in. 

During our last session we worked on the props more and finished off some pieces I managed to make the phone but I need to clean up the sides a bit and repaint the screen an sides to make the colours bolder and more story book like. 


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