10th November

We did a complete run through of the “Table, Donkey and the Cudgel” and we managed to go through everything and took all of our notes into consideration from last time however I still needed to work on being over dramatic, so I was advised to perhaps rub my stomach and act as if I was going to faint in an overdramatised way. This applied to all the characters I was playing all the movements had to be over played so he audience would be able to see because we have no contract with the audience so if we don’t show them what they want then theu can just move away because they don’t have to move.We also discussed health and safety, because we are performing outside we have to take into consideration the weather and if it will be cold or not also the space have to work with, if the audience makes the space too small then we will have to make them move outwards or work with the space we have without hurting anyone. 

We managed to run through the “Magic Paintedbrush” during our second session and it went well and I could hear everyone clearly and they spoke to an appropriate volume that would be good to use in thee street. We also managed to video the “Table, Donkey and Cudgel” run through. 

I attempted to do panto acting in this and I thought it worked out better it went with the story book theme I also shared my actions with the audience for example when I was “lying” I turned around and smiled to show that I didn’t mean what I meant. The around the world scene was improved aswell, Spain (Ines) had perfected the walk and we had discussed who enters first so none crashed into each other. 


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