11th November 

In audition prep we watched some people’s audition pieces. I really liked Josh’s pieces as he went from one piece to another to show the contrast in character. In his first monologue he was someone who had fallen in love with this girls and in his slightly drunken state he kept saying the wrong thing, it was clear that he had planned out what the other characters responses were and how she would move. When I saw this piece the first time he had two chairs one for him and the other for the other character he had gotten rid of the other one which made the scene move more smoothly because he didn’t have to keep readjusting where she was sitting. The other monologue kept me on the edge of my seat and it one moment he had reached the maximum tension of the piece he looked into the audience and locked eye contact with one member which then after he managed to wound down the tension and finish it nicely.

During our last self directed session I read through my monologue book to search for some monologues and I found two that I would like to do, one was an alternative to the “Invisible Friends” while the other was a non modern comedy monologue which I like from the play “Vanity Fair” written by William Makepeace Thackeray. The girl in the piece is 19 but is described as a fairly small girl with a troublesome personality which I think I could portray really well. The other monologue is “The Arcata Promise” written by David Mercer. The girl is 20 in this monologue and is talking her her partner who is a famous actor about how she feels. The character really stood out for me because it’s her standing up for herself and becoming stronger.


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