16th November

During Gary’s session we worked on cold reading again. We were given a short piece from the play Equus. The scene was an opening scene and what I had noticed is that it drew me in and I saw that it started in the middle of a situation not at the beginning which makes the audience want to know whats happened. Gary said when you are given a script to cold read immediately look for when the piece is, where the piece is, what the piece is about and what is the main emotion and why is the scene there because nothing is in a play by accident. Karolis and Erens piece was really good because there was a connection between the characters, I liked how Eren played the psychiatrist because he showed that he was busy and exhausted from how he sound however during the duration of their piece Eren sat very upright and had his hands clasped and resting on his chin showing he was interested in the conversation when he really wasn’t till half way through. Karolis spoke slowly and explained the situation well he kept a sense of authority around him which is the characters description. When I did the cold reading I did it quite differently, I made the mistake of making the character look scared and not in control which was what the character was supposed to be, due to nerves my tongue was tied and I skipped some lines by accident. I was paired up with Liam and I noticed he had read the script while I was delivering my lines so he knew what to say so he didn’t have to look down as much as I did he also responded well he used small movements which worked well because again it showed the character wasn’t interested however if he was on a stage he would have to make his actions bigger.

During Erica’s session we thought it would be a good idea to rehearse the two street stories with some of the props however the first round didn’t go well, since we hadn’t rehearsed with the big cudgel we were “hitting” ourselves over the head on the forehead which blocked out our faces and muffled some words so Erica suggested that we hit ourselves over the head on the side to show the audience our faces. During the “Magic Table” the drawings were the issue, we didn’t estimate how long Ryan had to draw our objects so they would often too small or un-guessable because he was trying to draw them really quickly.


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