21st November

During our first session we went over the magic paintbrush with all the props and it went smoothly. The main issues were with our reactions more than anything we need to react to the objects “suddenly” appearing because our reactions are what makes the object magical, if the object appears and we don’t make our reactions big enough the object would of just been a normal object passed through under the flip board. We also need to hold onto moments because what we keep doing is rushing onto the next scene, what would make the scene more effective is if we hold onto moments like Ma liung receiving the paintbrush or the boat ripping in half because of the force of the storm. We also need to guess the object correctly after he has drawn I so the audience can guess, we need to remember that we have no contract with the audience so we need to make sure they are always involved so they don’t get bored. What also needs to be remembered is that if we say something it’s worth saying, we can’t afford to mumble anything because the audience will miss parts of the story.  We also tried the story in a theatre in the round setting because as I said we have no contract with the audience so we can’t tell them to stand so we need to be prepared for all circumstances. We also realised that the hat stand, table and clown need to appear behind the board to keep the consistency of the story.

For the rest of the first session we worked on props again we managed to get the table working and I made straps fro the Chinese hats so they wouldn’t fall off. The masks also were complete all that needs to be added is the elastic and w need to test them out to make sure we can see before Friday. We also had to think about how we are going to be getting everything up to the Christmas fair so we tried to pack things in boxes, we put the fabrics in a suitcase and the costumes and props in a big clear box, we also had to figure out timing because all the roads are going to be closed so we can’t drive up their quickly because all the main roads are closed off, we also need an easy way to get the white board to the area we are performing.


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