22nd November

During my self directed session I helped the dancers with their dance, what I need to do is pass them a few props and take a few props, this session gave me the opportunity to see what the dance group do for their commission. I really liked the way they used each other as supports during the fight scene and during the curse scene Crystal used the music to guide her movements.

During Lynns session we ran through the “Sly Innkeeper” (we had changed the name of the magic donkey, table and cudgel because it was too long and the “Sly innkeeper” is more memorable) We were told to set up the rehearsal as if we would be performing it on the day, so we put the prop box behind our seated bit that is used for the seating in the inn. I need to remember to take the costumes out of the bottom of the box before we start and to put them somewhere where they will not get wet or dirty so maybe I could take all the props out of the box and set them up somewhere where they won’t get damaged and leave the costumes in the box for people to take out once they have taken all of their belongings I could put more delicate items in the box. We also worked with the cudgel for a bit, we were all reminded that when we are being “hit” with the cudgel we need to hit the sides of our head and also we need to make it look like the cudgel is in control by waving it around a while and not just hitting ourselves, when I have the cudgel I need to not look at it when I am using it to hit me. Lynn also said that the actors on stage have the ability to make the audience look where the actors want them to look simply by looking at the object, if the audience is supposed to be focusing on the innkeeper ( for example at the first visit to the inn when the guests are eating) we need to look at her so the audience can focus on her and not what we are doing.


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