25th November

Today we went and performed our street stories at the Bury fair. We didn’t expect it to be as cold as it was but we had to tough it out ad carry on because if we had certain items of clothing on then the costumes would look odd for example a hoodie on under the goats jumper. One of the issues was that we had to compete with a man playing pan pipes which made things very difficult for us, sometimes we were so focused on the volume that we would forget to act with our bodies as well. When we dealt with props I thought we could of been more careful where everything went when we were acting because after on story sometimes we would panic and wonder where a certain prop has gone afterwards.

When we went through the “Sly innkeeper” Sabrina accidentally missed out a scene and we didn’t know what to do Lynn had to step in and ask us how to fix it, she had missed the scene when Philomena (or Phil for this version because Thalia was ill so Ryan had to stand in for her) gets the magic cudgel which is a key moment so we had to stratify a way for the story to run smoothly so we had to swap over a scene or two to solve it. During the second run we had no slip ups but we still had an issue with knowing where the props were etc. When I was being the goat I though that I could of interacted with the audience a lot more and look at where I was standing and where I was addressing the audience because in some moments I interacted to the audience in a place where there was no audience.

When we wet through the “Magic Paintbrush” we had no slip ups however we didn’t get as much audience interaction as we thought so we had to guess Ma Liungs drawings ourselves. what I found weird about this one was that we had so much space around us that we didn’t use we kept ourselves restricted to what we had practiced with which made it more difficult for the audience to hear us.


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