28th November

We had a discussion about what we thought went well on Friday and what we thought could of been improved.

We thought that what went well was.

  • Audience involvement
  • Ryan standing in for Thalia
  • Our volume and competing with the man with the panpipes
  • How we kept track of all the props (although we could of have organised them better)
  • The way we dealt with the audience reactions

Things that we could of improved

  • Not hanging around the back in that awkward gap
  • Going low when we were going around the back of the tree
  • Our volume (even though we were competing with the guy with the pan pipes)
  • Space awareness and not bunching together
  • Be aware where the audience is

We also began to look at the second commission task and I like the idea of taking a movie scene and being able to mess with it, I had a few ideas however the films that I had thought of were not award winning.


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