30th November

We went to Guildhall Feoffment primary school and performed for the children there. It was considerably different to the street performance because we had a bigger audience and we also had the children in a more set shape so they weren’t in a semicircle the were in  a more square shape. What surprised me was that they didn’t have a big reaction mainly because the teachers kept telling them to be quiet so they didn’t get a chance to react at all. I think it went better than the street performance because we were performing to our target audience which was children, what could of gone better however was if I interacted with the audience more which seems to be my main issue which is not knowing whether I’m allowed or when I can.

When we came back we had Garys session which was cold reading again, we were told to get into groups of three and then Gary gave us a story that we must all read in the groups and make them effective.

As you can see we decided to do ours sitting on the floor because we wanted it to be like a campfire story however many people said t was difficult to understand and the movements were just distracting I also was stumbling over words but not as bad as last time, my main issue seems to be losing my place when I look up which creates awkward pauses.

When we came back we had Erica’s session and we had a discussion on how we though the performance at the school went.


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