1st December

For our first session we talked about what went well and what we could of improved when we were doing the school again.

We managed to establish that

  • Villains enjoyed the streets better than the school because they got more reactions, this is probably because there were teachers supervising the children making sure they didn’t step out of line.
  • The two performances got different laughs because of the difference in ages, many of the jokes were written for younger audience so when the donkey pooed the pennies the children laughed while the adults on chuckled but we also had included a couple of jokes that only the adult got like the “sitting around the house calling it a gap year” line.
  • We need to work when we start our lines again when the audience laugh because some of the dialogue was lost when the children laughed so we need to know that when we speak it needs to be when the laughter has started to die down.

We also carried on discussing our next commission task and coming up with ideas for parody’s of scenes from films and I thought of these.

  1. James Bond coming home and just going through his daily routine when he isn’t on a mission.
  2. The news report when Mr Fredrickson’s house from “Up” lifts off
  3. Charles Mutts from “Up” talking to his dog sand doing all the dogs voices back when he gets the idea to do the talking collars
  4. From the film the “Golden Compass” the kids are sitting in a room in the experimental; facility exchanging rumors about whats happening to all the kids that keep going missing
  5. Juno from the film “Juno” keeps the baby and is attempting to look after her but keeps making mistakes which makes her mother step in and help her
  6. “Mrs Doubtfire”, the two oldest kids start talking about their dad cross dressing and are wondering is he is telling the truth about their dad cross dressing just to see them or whether he actually enjoys it
  7. in “Mrs Doubtfire” the conversation on the way home from the restaurant in the car between the mother, children and the mothers boyfriend
  8. Paul and Ruth from the film “Paul” have a philosophical conversation

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