5th December

We talked about our commission work again and I asked if we could do film cross overs because I had an idea where the main characters from “Paul” and “Hot Fuzz” meet because they are played by the same person, it could be a clever comedic sketch where the audience is sitting at the tables knowing that they get along with each other so well because they are played by the same people. We also sung a small song where the lyrics were about a man who could give nothing but his heart because he is poor this song was good to sing because it was short and it warmed up my voice ready for the day. We also watched some videos from short films for inspiration which included several films that were silent so we could see how it effected us as an audience.

I also got two more ideas for the commission work which was-

  •  Danny and Nicholas from “Hot Fuzz” meet Clive and Graham from “Paul” and start asking questions and realising how much they have in common with each other.
  • Paul from “Paul” meets E.T and starts getting frustrated at the little English he knows and starts trying to teach him.

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